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HNX 30 Index is the price index of TOP 30 stocks, acting as a premise for developing products on index. HNX 30 Index is calculated based on free float adjusted market capitalization and applies the cap ratio of 15%, the maximum rate of market value of a stock constituent in the index basket. Base date of HNX30 Index is 03/01/2012 and base value is 100 points.

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In which:




MV:                          current Market Value

n:                             Number of stock constituents in the Index basket

Pi:                            Last trading price of the constituent stock i

Qi:                           The number of free-float adjusted outstanding shares of the constituent

                                stock i used to calculate index (in case the weight of a stock in the basket

                                is too large, cap ratio will be applied)

Divisor:                  on the Base date, Divisor is the market capitalization of the stock

                                constituents as at the Base date

Base point:           Base value of the index


Ground rules for the Management of HNX Index series



Changes in index basket
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